Extending Human Wisdom

With Artificial Intelligence


Being on a mission to “find the value of information”, Matview, is committed to becoming a global leading technology company. To inherit the human experience and to extend the human wisdom by artificial intelligence and big data, is the vision of Matview. At present, Matview takes "Image Pattern Recognition" as a strategic goal, and provides two core services: Technology Platform and Industry Solution. Accumulated more than 10 years in machine learning and other technology fields, Matview has obtained many innovative research results and invention patents. The number of patented technologies declared and possessed by the company, was over a hundred. Among them, core invention patents related to image recognition were more than 70%. Now, based on deep learning algorithm, Matview has developed image recognition technology, standing in the leading level in the domestic species classification and identification field. In addition to that, supporting rapid identification extension and customization for objects and species, it is widely applied in scenarios such as industrial automation, smart agriculture, and business intelligence, providing overall solutions and product services for "Industry + AI".


Species recognition
Could accurately identify more than 5,600 plants, with an accuracy rate of over 95%, along with plant trace element loss, pests and diseases.
Surveybaby is an app developed independently by Matview Co., Ltd.. It is a professional online research platform for rigorous academic research.
Key Intelligence System
Automatically monitor and analysis relevant network information, and provide analysis report services.
Customized recognition software
Provide customized softwares or APIs for identifying objects/states/scene according to actual needs.


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